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It’s simple. Let’s connect your brand to consumers and build a strong relationship through the appropriate media.

Forget being in or out of the box. Let’s leave the box behind and focus on what makes your brand great and connect it to customers. Today’s consumer will be loyal if you are relevant and provide a consistently positive customer experience.

Let’s discuss how we can accomplish this together through meaningful, strategic marketing.

It’s time for your business to shine.


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“When it comes to marketing or public relations, Sheri is as good as it gets! No hype – she builds a campaign based on your DNA, finding the heart of your message and determining cost-effective ways to broadcast it. She is well-versed in all social, digital and traditional media. She pinpoints what research is best for you. She is also generous, disciplined and an imaginative thinker.”

– Meg Madden, Executive Director Music In Schools Today

“We (RhodyCo) had the pleasure of working with Sheri on numerous event development projects over a couple decades. Sheri is as hardworking and focused as anyone I’ve ever known. Her personnel management skills and multi-tasking ability are well-honed and effective.”

– Dave Rhody, Founder RhodyCo Productions