The Local Shop

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Be a part of Concord’s newest and most productive business community. Collaborate, engage and optimize your business…all from your computer and on your time!

The Local Shop is a networking community for businesses in Concord, CA.  It’s a new way of thinking that goes way beyond traditional referral groups. 

“How do I benefit as a member?”

Here you’ll receive actionable ideas, information and insights relevant to your business while also connecting with your fellow businesses owners and their teams.

 You’ll also receive:

  • A dedicated Facebook community with your fellow Concord businesses.
  • News and updates in brief easy to absorb pieces.
  • Online presentations showcasing available business solutions and products but without any pushy sales pitches.
  • Access to vendors who can help with your day-to-day needs including graphic designers, web designers, photographers, display and signage solutions and more. You’ll be armed with the a contact list, cost, timing and process for anytime you need it.
  • My skills and extensive network as a 25+ year marketer. I will dedicate myself as organizer of the group and advocate for our local businesses.

 And you’ll have all this without leaving your home or office!

 “How does it work?”

Registered members will have immediate access to 

  • 2 live Q&A webcasts with experts in marketing, employee engagement, sales, technology and more. You’ll be able to easily access each through the membership site and in the Private Facebook Group. Each webcast will be viewable on desktop or mobile. You can watch them live or check them out later – whatever works for your schedule.  You’ll be able to ask questions before or during the Q&A and have your questions answered even if you’re not able to make the live event.
  • 3 Local Shop “One Sheets” with actionable content to grow your business. Sheets will be archived in the membership site for reading when the time works for you. Members will be notified in the Private Facebook Group each time one is added.  Each will be brief to accommodate the busiest of members. 
  •  24/7 Networking. Post a question or discuss a collaboration with your peers anytime in the Private Facebook Group.
  • Daily news, thought starters and ideas posted in the Private Facebook Group to inform and inspire.

 And you can access all of the above in one space, online and when it works for you…on your schedule!  Your day is already full!  It’s tough to get the time to network, learn about new opportunities and then figure out how to apply it all to your business.  Here you can access what you need to know and how to use it when you’re ready. 

 And the cost of membership is less than most referral groups!

 You’ll FINALLY:

  • Feel informed about all things relating to digital marketing and know what opportunities are right for your business.
  • Know your options for traditional advertising including County Connection and Bay Area Transit, Bay Area radio and TV, Pandora, billboards, digital boards, East Bay Times, movie screen advertising and others. You’ll know the benefits, the costs and the process.
  • Get caught up with news and trends in recruitment, PR, sales, merchandising and more.
  • Be informed on ways to market to Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z and other groups that are right for your product or service.
  • Be prepared with a network of vendors ready for when you need them from graphic designers, recruiters, photographers, team building specialists and others. You’ll have contact info, availability and pricing so you know just what to expect.
  • Discuss the possibilities of partnerships, promotions and sponsorships.  What works and doesn’t work?
  • Feel that you’re a part of something bigger as we engage the Concord community to grow your business.

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